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About Us

  • Iliya Sanat Pazhoohan Co. was established in 2007 to provide equipment for the industries of other countries and started its activity in the field of supplying equipment needed by various industries. Over the years its effective activity by relying on the capabilities of expert human forces and experienced technical and commercial engineers has been able to achieve a good record between all competitor companies in this field. A brilliant and admirable veteran in the field of providing the needs of the country's industries with the highest level of quality and a completely competitive price in the fastest time.

    In this regard, this company is ready to consult and supply equipment for various industries such as Oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, mineral industries, cement, copper and non-ferrous metals, and automobile manufacturing with world-class manufacturers and suppliers.
    This company offers its PI in terms of DDP, CFT, CPT, FOB, FCA to the customers.
    Iliya Sanat Pazhoohan Co. proudly announces its readiness for any cooperation with various industries.